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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  November 9, 2015 2:00am-3:01am PST

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♪ >> good morning. welcome to your workday. happy monday. ainsley a >> thank you for starting your workday and week with us. we are ready for round four. gop presidential candidates take the stage for the fox business wall street journal debate. john roberts is here with what and who we can expect. >> we are here in milwaukee. i thought about having cheese soup and broccoli for dinner but thought better of it and salad instead. this is going to be a big debate. chris christie and mike huckabee has been relegated to the under card. a lot of the supporters will be watching jeb bush to see if he can finally bring it and marco rubio has been talking about his
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use of a rehub cpublican party t card. donald trump is leading across the board again. he's readiiding the headlines a a highly rated if not a well received gig hosting "saturday night live" this weekend. >> mr. president, the president of mexico is here to see you. oo that's great. send him in. >> donald. >> enrique kwai. >> i brought you a check for the wall. >> this is far too much money. i insister consider it an apology for doubting you. nothing brings too countries together like a wall. >> if there are any fireworks they could be between donald trump and ben carson. trump suggesting carson could be in trouble about the questions about the accuracy of his life's story. carson firing back trump shouldn't be so quick to throw stones. >> it has been proven it wasn't a lie. none of the things are lies.
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but what do you say about people who immediately jump on the band wagon if they hear something bad rather than waiting and finding out what the truth is. >> carson got back up about the exam hoax. it did infact happen but the details appear to be different than what he described in his biograp biography. thank you,john. as the media bashes ben carson about his past the campaign has pulled in 3 and a half million dollars thanks to the scrutiny. federalist publisher ben diminich says this will end up helping war son big time. >> he is a candidate who is basing his campaign on this biography on this hair nif about
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his life. the problem long-term for candidates like that, when that is the only basis they have they don't have the political career and record to shift the conversation whenever questions are raised about the biography as we have seen with other candidates it gives them less of an alternative. i think the mistake was a media entity going after a candidate saying he had lie about something it wasn't said in those terms so it was over played. >> we will see if carson's past comes up on the fox business network. a>> fox news alert. the fbi joining the investigation to the downed russian plane in egypt as they call for stepped up security. >> russia and the fbi are
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cooperating. the fbi agreed to help the russian government with forensic analysis to help tedetermine wh brought down the plane in the sinai peninsula in egypt. they are 90 percent certain the loud bang you can hear on the voice recorder was indeed a bomb. russia said it could be a fuel explosion or over heated battery. the chairman says all signs point to isis being responsible. >> the fact that isis has declared war on russia, it was a russian plane headed to russia in addition to the u.s. and u.k. intelligence i think all indicator the are pointing to the thafact this is isis puttin bomb on an airplane. >> isis may have concluded the best way to defeat airport defenses is not to go through them but to go around them with help on the inside. if that's the case there's
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probably a dozen airports in the region and beyond that are vulnerable to the same kind of approach. >> you can see democrats and republicans are in agreement on this. if isis is responsible it would be a game changer in the war on terror and airport security around the world rment tsa is tightening security and russia has suspended all flights to egypt. all 224 people on board that plane were killed. >> kristin fisher, live for us as always. thank you. >> travis county district judge julie kasurik was dodging death as gunfire hit her home. she was hit with sharp nell and glass. they are looking to clues as to
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who may have been targeting her as she recovered from the hospital. guantanamo babies could be coming to america. they released a plan to shut down the prison. the plan includes moving the inmates to 7 sites in kansas, colorado and south carolina. congress would need to approve the proposal. but president obama hasn't ruled out using executive action. >> medical marijuana hitting store shelves today in illinois. fld reporter elizabeth matthews on what it means for sellers and buyers. >> we are excited. we are nervous. we are excited to finally be able to deliver this medicine for so many people in deed. >> one of the patients counting down the needs is bill wilson who used to be a skept tive. >> i the registered car holder says he suffers from bulging
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dis discs. >> i have never smoked pot in my life and taking pills all of the time it is eating up may stomach. it is terrible. >> they will open their doors n and stock shelves. >> right now dispensaries are only carrying dry flower products that you can smoke, vap and cook with. it will look like this in child resistant tamper resistant packaging. they were expecting to see hundreds of patients day one. >> the key thing is when there's n there's a go there's not supply. we are asking for patience on the part of patients. >> besides patience the dispensaries are not what you are expecting. >> there's no dry marijuana sitting out. this is not cheech and chong it is a professional medical
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establishment. >> that was elizabeth matthews reporting. they expect store owners to grow in the coming months. >> for the second week in a row our heather's team had a comeback. it came down to just one play. >> rogers in trouble. throws picked off. he gets it by davis. panthers beat the packers they are 8-0 first time ever. they are the nfc last unbeaten team. the colts shock the envelope with a 27-24 win over the previously unbeaten denver broncos. there was a rivalry game between the eagles and dallas. dallas lost 8 games in a row. the complete opposite.
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>> the east coast ready for rain today. >> snow even possible for some spots. maria molina is here with what we can expect. >> we will be sweeping in had the rockies. in the eastern u.s. we have an area of low pressure bringing in areas of rain across southeastern u.s. akroms panhandle, georgia even into the carolinas. a lot will spread northward. the mid atlantic is expecting rainfall today and eventually parts of the great lakes and new england. you could see the moisture from the storm system. you will need the umbrellas starting early this workweek. current temperatures are relatively chilly across parts of the midwest. 33 degrees in chicago. 33 cleveland. it is cooler to start off the workweek than it was last week.
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to cold temperatures even in the midwest. kansas city 39 degrees right now. chilly start to the day as well. forecast high temperatures, you can see it will be very seasonable across the eastern u.s. even cool across parts of the southeast with atlanta expecting high temperatures at 51 degrees. across the rockies it will be warm temperatures hitting the 60's. that should be changing coming up in a few days. we will check back with you. we are honored to introduce you to the newest member of the fox and first family. ainsley earhardt brand new edition. >> hayden dubois proctor. 7 pounds 13 ounces, 20 inches long. >> it is the first child for ainsley and husband will. mom baned bee doing great. we are so happy for the family. god bless them for sure.
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>> the time is 11 minutes from the hour. what caused the streak that caused the southwest stunned. >> two dogs stuck in the storm drain saved the most unlikely people. the pint sized hero that pulled them out. >> the war on christmas has already begun.
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>> the war on christmas off to aa an early start. holiday cups with no christmas designs. and mall displays with no trees or slays. >> it's beginning to look a lot like christmas. or is it? a group of evangelists are saying it isn't.
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they are checking to see if you are naughty or nice. so is starbucks acting more like ebenezer scrouge? one man posted on facebook his displeasure with facebook. the post gaining nearly 11 million views so far. >> i think in the age of political correctness we have become so hope minded our brains have literally fallen out of our heads. starbucks wanted to take christ and kris crass off of their brand new cups. >> starbucks responded with this statement explaining this year's christmas cup is designed to create a culture of belonging, inclusion and diversity. the cup is meant to be a blain canvas that encourages customers to tell their christmas stories in their own way. f starbucks isn't the only one. simons mall managers of malls of
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new york and charlotte carolina set up a glacier themed holiday display instead of traditional christmas tree. as a result more than 2400 shoppers so far signed a he petition on-line demanding a christmas tree. >> horrible. this is uncalled for. it is the holiday season. it is supposed to bring you up, not down. this is going to bring everyone down. >> it was bland, boring and pretty lame. >> the glacier theme was a bad idea. the mall will go back to the traditional christmas display adding that along with the glacier theme. >> thank you, kelly. a lot of people really upset about this. what do you think? have the peace police gone too far? send us an message on twitter or
2:17 am another frait train goes off the rail. 13 cars of the pacific railway train crashed in water town. one has nearly 1,000 gallons of crude oil. another crashed and had ethanol dump into the mississippi river. work starts today to determine what caused a ishg p hop -- i hop parking lot to have a hole swallowing up a dozen cars. all of the lights went out and they heard multiple booms as the seng hole appeared. no one was injured. a shocking find for a group of kids at daycare and all caught on camera. >> they helped rescue two full grown dogs who were trapped in a
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storm drain in minnesota. the kids stopped for their teachers after they heard barking coming from the ground. >> they had no idea they were about to pull out 2040 pound dogs. >> we thought it was going to be a couple cup pees but they were full grown dogs. >> the dogs bella and beauregard, they are back safe at home with their owners. the time is 18 minutes after the hour. the commute that is surprisingly bad for your health. >> the new app raising eyebrows for picking fights on purpose.
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>> welcome back. anti racism protests of student athletes. they are calling for president tim wolf to step down claiming the administration has done nothing to prevent recent acts of racism and discrimination. more than 30-foot mraul playe-- football players are refusing to play. changes are on the way. >> heather a disturbing instagram post leaves police on a deadly plot. ryan stevens and 15-year-old lamar duke and code de brewer now behind bars.
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one teen brought a gun and had a list. they are exposing what was on instagram to tip them off. weeks before thanksgiving there could be a turkey shortage. >> cheryl casone from fox business is here to help you save on your thanksgiving dinner. >> a looming turkey shortage has grocery stores concerned about thanksgiving sales. they have been told they will receive turkeys but it will be a limited supply. the bird flu wiped out millions of turkeys early this year. if you normally like the 20 pound turkey you may be forced to get two smaller birds. jaguar land rover just unveiled a convertible suv with a power folding back roof. it will run 50,000 dollars to start. it can be raised while driving as fast as 30 miles per hour.
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the convertible can go off road within reason. james bond left the box office shaken and stirred. they hauled in an estimated $73 million for the eeping at the u.s. box office. that makes it the second biggest opening for a bond film first with sky fall back in 2012. number two the peanuts movie and the martians going strong with $9.3 million. >> i want to see the peanuts movie. thank you, cheryl. >> frying with butter can be healthier than frying with vegetable oils. it releases foxic chemicals that can cause cancer. the chemicals released with sun flower and corn oil has been linked to heart disease and dementia. >> if you opted for transportation on wheels instead of feed today don't feel guilty. those who commute by bus or train are healthier than people
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who walk. they were the slimmest had the best blood pressure and 140 percent less likely to diabetes. this may be the effort it takes to walk from various stations. it may be because you get to chill out. >> it is time to bra on this. the controversial new app let's you organize your own fight on your smart phone. >> first rule of fight club is, you do not talk about fight club. second rule of fight club is, you do not talk about fight club. >> it is called rum builder. they claim it is tinder for brawling. let's see how it works. >> you set up a profile and pick a fight with someone near you and it sets up a time and a place. you can make it available to the public to see where and when the fight will happen. you can talk trach and tally your wins and losses.
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>> is this just fine or is it over the line? send them to us on facebook or twitter or " 25 after the top of the hour. the benghazi attack goes to the big screen. a oo at the still inside? >> an exclusive sneak peek of the movie that tells the untold story of what happened that night in libya. >> the app you can download right now to save for your shopping.
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jeb bushwe have to beave to be tthe world's leader.n. who's going to take care of the christians that are being eliminated in the middle east? who's going to take care of israel and support them - our greatest ally in the middle east? the united states has the capability of doing this, and it's in our economic and national security interest that we do it. i will be that kind of president and i hope you want that kind of president for our country going forward. announcer: right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message. >> terror in the air. new evidence pointing to isis taking down the passenger plane. what they are calling for in the
2:30 am
terror tight fight. >> donald trump taking the saturday night stage. >> ♪ call me on the cell phone >> what could they mean ahead of tomorrow's debate. we are live in milwaukee. >> five sections of falling? a guitarist's nasty spill. this isn't his first scare. >> "fox & friends first" continues right now. >> you are watching "fox and friend first. i am heather childers. >> i oo there is a dow-- >> i am leah gaia gabriel.
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>> good morning, kristin. >> good morning. investigators say they are 90 percent certain the lound bang on the voice recorder was a bomb. russia said it is too hard to tell. it is a rare coop operation between u.s. and russia. fbi will help with forensic analysis to help determine what brought down the plane in the seen my peninsula in egypt. the issue dominated the sunday shows. if ace sis is behind it they will eclipse al qaeda as the greatest terror threat in the world. the chairman says all signs point that isis is responsible. >> they have declared war on russia. it was a plane had heed toward russia. in addition to the u.s. and u.k. intelligence we have received i think all indicators are
2:32 am
pointing to the fact that this was isis putting a bomb on an airplane. >> it is a wake-up call to us. i have said before and i really believe it, we will fight them now or we will fight them later. it is only a question of time. >> the boost from republicans and democrats say airport security must be improved both overseas and here at home. already the tsa is tightening security on all planes bound for the u.s. russia already suspended all flights to europe. 224 people were killed when that plane crashed. lea. >> kristin fisher in washington keeping an eye on that for us this morning. >> random or retaliation. a person opened fire on a powerful texas judge in her driveway. jew see dodged death when someone unloaded four rounds of gunfire.
2:33 am
she was hit with shrapnel and glass. they are looking for clues as to who may have targeted her as shea recovered from the hospi-- hospital. a 6-year-old boy killed in a car chase facing a judge this earning mop. norris greenhouse junior and derek stafford fired dozens of rounds into a car that was carrying jeremy marttis and his father chris few. when few didn't stop jeremy died after being shot 5 times. his father is in the hospital. it is unclear why the officers were pursuing the car in the first place. jeremy will be laid to rest in louisiana this afternoon. >> stad story. a >> the count down is on to the next republican rumble. >> john roberts is live from milwaukee with a preview for us this morning. good morning.
2:34 am
john. >> heather and lia good morning to you. big kangs first of all only 8 candidates on stage because chris christie and mike huckabee have not made the cut and relegated to the under card. ben carson on the hot seat over questions about his life story things to be said about trying to stab a childhood friend and hitting his mother over the head. also the victim of an exam hoax and they were partially backed up by the historical record. >> this is the first time in hits where you want to prove you hit your mother with a hammer, you want to prove you hit a friend in the face with a lock. you want to prove you tried to stab somebody to death in order to have credibility. this is in history this is the first time. it's a whole weird deal going on
2:35 am
here. >> we were hoping to have ben carson there talking about the idea that what he said during his life store row was true, though maybe the details around the yale exam hoax were a little different than he remembered. there could be fireworks between donald trump and ben carson. trump taking advantage questioning whether or not ben carson is actually telling the truth. we will be watching for that tomorrow night. also watching to see if marco rubio can keep up the momentum he built up after the boulder debate and whether or not jeb bush can finally bring it. his supporters are saying you have to finally do something on the debate stage if you want us to stick with you. we will be answering all of the questions tomorrow evening 9 o'clock the republican debate from right lehere in milwaukee. kneel kav viewneil cavuto will . thank you, john.
2:36 am
snl gets the big e ratings since 2012 and all thanks to donald trump. >> it is better to start with low expectations. that way you have nowhere to go but up. ♪ used to call me on the cell phone ♪ >> trump's hosting duties hitting 6.6 on the nielson scale raking in 10 million viewers. remember the mid monologue heckle? >> you knew this was going to happen. >> he did that because a latino group offered 5,000 bucks for any audience member to heckle trump. he really got the money, too. >> hopefully it will go to charity. >> sneak peeks at the true story that was never untold at benghazi. >> we decided a story that wasn't being told out there is
2:37 am
what happened that night. we felt spelled the story got out there the right way. it's not about the politic the. it's about the story that happened on the ground. >> 13 hours tells about a 6 man security team that saved american lives in libya. the real life heros who have spoken before on "fox & friends" were here to capture the real life essence of their 13 hour mission. it is directed by michael bay and hit hits theaters in januar. >> you hope you are ready to get some rain. it is on the way. >> some would see snow. ma rae awe molina tracking what we can expect. hi maria. >> good morning. i wanted to tell everybody across parts of the eastern u.s. the snow we are talking about is for parts of the western u.s. across california associated with another storm system out there.
2:38 am
we are tracking an area of low pressure in the eastern u.s. bringing rain from parts of the southeast early into fwoerg yaw and carol lane gnaws. this storm system is going to creep northward bringing in the showers and areas of rain across the mid atlantic later today. and north ears by the time we he -- northeast by the time we head into tomorrow. only in the 40's upper 40's in atlanta and raleigh. it is not very comfortable adds we head out the door. it will be chilly rain out there. temperature wise across the plains mild today 62 degrees for high temperature in kansas city and upper 60's in places like dallas. >> heather and lia, head over to you. oo too did you see this or pictures rand video the flooding social media. >> what is this? oh my god. >> hundreds rep seeing a mysterious fireball bright light
2:39 am
shooting across the sky in southern california the navy confirming televisioned from an unarmed missile test. what a sight that is. >> or was it? you never know. >> handling giant balloons takes some practice. the inflated characters were brought to life from the final law boon test in new york. it takes 50 to 100 handlers to guide characters along the route. four new characters will take to the skies including red from the angry birds video game. >> love it. 13 minutes after the hour. a health scare in a hospital. the deadly virus. >> why the shrinking seats could cause more problem than discomfo discomfort. >> a kang rue chase playing out in the middle of a guolf course.
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>> a disturbing warning as they ask 4800 to be tested for hepatitis c. a former nurse may have been exposed or may have exposed patients to the virus while working in the new jersey department. they say that elliot nielson had been diverting drugs for her use. so far two people have been infected. the state of illinois is getting a little greener today for the first time ever. medical marijuana is being sold at 8 dispensaries. it will be sold in child secure packaging. it is only veil fabl for 4,000 people. >> less leg room may be the list of your worries on the next flight. the faa has not jet tested
2:44 am
airplane evacuations on flights with tighter cabins. right now the agency conducts evacuation tests with 31 inches of space. some budget airlines give you 28 inches. tighter seats may help reduce injuries in emergency bausz you have less room to bang your head. well, one florida lawmaker asking the airlines to quit acting like scrooges this holiday season. carriers shouldn't raise checked luggage fees in the up coming months. he's mainly targeting frontier and spirit airlines who promised a price hike during the busy holiday season. he has hinted proposed legislation to improve between bag fees and the cost. i would like to know if there is a connection. christmas is a little more than six weeks away but is your wallet ready? >> we need some apps. fox business joins us with some
2:45 am
of the apps that can help you sauf for your shopping. >> who doesn't like to say money? . staff at real spie d compiled a list of apps. it monitors how much data your phone uses. it will compress pictures and video the with surcharges for the usage allowance. it shows you the restaurants with discounts and where kids eat free. it will help you with experts to help decorate your house. they have great deals on tickets to supporting events as well as plays. posh mark will help the finest of clothing and jewelry at great prices. >> adam shapiro lye for us. to find the business network log on to >> the time is 36 minutes -- 46 minutes after the hour.
2:46 am
can you spot what is missing from this holiday display? the war on christmas getting an early start this season. >> nothing to tear about here. the shocking reason this family says their daughter was kicked off the cheerleading squad. >> first we have brian kilmeade with what's coming up on "fox & friends." >> let me tell you what is coming up for the next three hours. the dump truck movement fails with snl achieving, the highest ratings in years. what does it mean for the protest and the debate going forward. from doctor to doctor, doctor stephen son sticit down with dr. ben carson. maybe they will both wear stealth scopes. chris christie surging in the rati poles in new hampshire but not on the main stage. nna see, i wa.
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nearly 11 million people viewed this facebook post that calls on people to take action.
2:51 am
i think in the age of political correctness, we've become owe open-minded. do you believe that starbucks wanted to take christ and christmas off of its brand new cups. there was a glacier set up for the season in a mall. 2400 people signed a petition online demanding a traditional christmas tree and theme be put on display. earlier we asked you to respond to this about skris mass. here's what you are saying. it's sick epping. since when have you and starbucks spoken for the shoppers who fill their pockets. since when are they the spokesperson. joan i says don't go to starbucks or any other store or business that doesn't do christmas. jean writes, tired of the politically correct people: another one says political
2:52 am
correctness has gone off the rails. everyone knows it's time. it's the christmas and the holiday season. by the way, leah and heather, $30 billion is what christians have in their pockets. maybe retailers want to wise up on that. >> that's a good tip. i hope they're listening. kelly? let's talk about the war on christmas. are the p.c. police going too far? "fox and friends" facebook page. a live debate. #keep talking. heather? a strict parent divides facebook after threatening to punish her 10-year-old daughter by canceling christmas. a parenting page, is taking away christmas presents too harsh after her child stole money a second time to buy candy. 400 people weighing in. agreeing it was a bad idea. one writing that's too harsh, christmas is a special time. something like that will leave her feeling unloved. others gave alternative idea
2:53 am
like taking the child to a police station. a texas mother is flipping out, get it. saying her 11-year-old daughter was booted from the squad because her hair was curly. the director says it was the mother's negativity, not her hair. >> finding a compromise and happy medium. she wasn't up for that compromise. she was defensive. >> i felt like i might make my daughter feel her hair is not good enough because she's not like other girls. >> her daughter was told to straighten her hair into a high ponytail to compete for the woodlands elite cheer. she will now try out for a different cheering company. >> good for her. are you ready for this? we are honored to introduce you to the newest member of the "fox and friends" family. meet hayden, she was born on friday, november 6th. weighing 7 pounds 13 ounces.
2:54 am
measuring 20 inches long. >> beautiful. it is the first child for ainsley and her husband will. they are doing great. >> ainsley, if you're watching, congratulations. 8 minutes until the top of the hour. white right to fight. the new app raising eyebrows for picking fights on purpose. that's up next. a photo finish no one saw coming. the officer's act of kindness that will restore your faith in humanity. it's the little things in life that make me smile. spending the day with my niece. i don't use super poligrip for hold, because my dentures fit well. before those little pieces would get in between my dentures and my gum and it was uncomfortable. even well fitting dentures let in food particles. just a few dabs of super poligrip free is clinically proven to seal out more food particles so you're more comfortable and confident while you eat. so it's not about keeping my dentures in, it's about keeping the food particles out.
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three minutes until the top of the hour. university of missouri administrators meeting privately amid ongoing protests from students and football players who refuse to take the field. protesters are calling for president tim wolf to step down claiming that he allowed recent acts of racial discrimination. closing arguments continue in the so-called goodfellas trial in new york city. vincent asaro is accused of being involved in the 1978 lufthansa heist at jfk airport that inspired the classic mob movie. benjamin netanyahu and the president are meeting for the first time in a year in washingt washington. it's set to revolve around talks about giving israelis more around the military as part of an agreement. it is time for the good, the bad and the ugly. first the good.
2:59 am
a georgia police officer's act of kindness. the officer links arms with him to help him finish the marathon. he fell 200 yards from the finish line but was determined to finish. next the bad. a kangaroo turns a leisurely day into a scary sprint. >> come on. the kangaroo followed them all day before chasing them off the course. finally the ugly. the five seconds of summer guitarist takes a tumble. ♪ >> michael clifford falling off the stage at a british awards show back in june. he had another incident on stage when pyrotechnics burned his face. yikes. >> hmm. >> a new controversial app lets you organize your own fight club. it's called rumbler. allows to you set up an appointment to fight someone and invite someone to watch.
3:00 am
>> this is easily one of the most irresponsible acts one says. >> the other says they can get it out of their system instead of roaming the streets looking for a fight. >> thank you so much for joining us on this monday. see you back here tomorrow. >> yep. "fox and friends" starts right now. >> bye. good morning. today is monday, the 9th of november. 2015. i'm anna kooiman in for elisabeth hasselbeck. a stunning admission from the fbi and members of congress. isis probably brought down that russian airplane with a bomb. our current leaders are are not doing enough to stop them from striking again. >> that is not good. >> plus, call it the trump bump. live from new york on saturday night. these kind of benefits. >> you used to call me on the cell phone ♪ call me on the cell phone ♪ >>


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